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Simpsons promo street art goes hyper-speed

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Music has interesting temporal perception properties.  Our sense of time and the speed at which we feel time is moving can vary depending on what we are listening to.  Manipulation of tempo and pitch can be ways of controlling those perceptions on the listener.

An interesting production tequnique is to record something at a certain sample rate (the speed at which audio is captured digitally) and then to play back at a faster rate thus speeding up the tempo of the music as well as raising the pitch.   Building on that, sometimes it can be cool to lower the pitch during the recording so that when the faster sample rate is implemented the sound is at the pitch originally intended. For example: Lowering a sound by one octave and recording it at a certain sample rate and then playing that recording back at twice that rate will get the sound back to the original octave.

So why do it? Well, eventhought the pitch is the same all of the performance nuances also get sped up also and thus create a feeling of sped up hyper-twichiness which can be perfect for certain types of  footage and editing styles. It also affects timbre is a way that makes the music and instruments have a “wound up tight” quality that can comical.

Check out this Simpsons promo by PR!MO. The video can be found at ( that uses time lapse and editing to speed up the graffiti job. The track, which implements the techniques mentioned above, fits perfectly:

Check out this Simpsons promo by PR!MO ( that uses time lapse and editing to speed up the graffiti job. The track, which implements the techniques mentioned above, fits perfectly:


Another example is this Cartoon Network Robot Chicken spot:


Early 1900’s era bluegrass/country/swing gets a Hip-Hop treatment

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

“Remix America Megamix” expands on the production techniques discussed in the Peaceful Day June 24th post by further  processing and morphing various acoustic instruments to created material for a new piece. The original tracks were recorded/produced by composer Chris Hanson for VideoHelper’s ScoreHelper series.  These early 1900’s era bluegrass/country/swing style recordings include guitars, fiddle, harmonica, and clarinet parts that offer lots of possibilities for re-mixing/re-contextualizing.

The instruments were processed/combined/morphed/edited and then individual phrases/riffs were cut up and loaded onto a software sampler. Parts were programmed against a mid-tempo Hip-Hop instrumental track.  Right at the top of the piece you can hear an example of the processing/morphing of guitar and fiddle. Another example can be heard at :32 where a phrase starts as a clarinet and ends with a harmonica.


It’s great to hear the music when it’s set to picture by a talented filmmaker/editor. Alex Luster (, aka PR!MO, a documentary filmmaker, Promax/BDA & Emmy award winning television producer based in Houston, Texas used this track in a short film he made called “Hope Mural”. It’s about Texas area street artists painting a 15′ Obama mural designed by Shepard Fairey (ObeyGiant).


Here’s another short film by Alex called “Graffiti Proposal” that uses a track of mine called “Love Letter For You”.



Thanks Alex and great work.