Early 1900’s era bluegrass/country/swing gets a Hip-Hop treatment

“Remix America Megamix” expands on the production techniques discussed in the Peaceful Day June 24th post by further ¬†processing and morphing various acoustic instruments to created material for a new piece. The original tracks were recorded/produced by composer Chris Hanson for VideoHelper’s ScoreHelper series.¬† These early 1900’s era bluegrass/country/swing style recordings include guitars, fiddle, harmonica, and clarinet parts that offer lots of possibilities for re-mixing/re-contextualizing.

The instruments were processed/combined/morphed/edited and then individual phrases/riffs were cut up and loaded onto a software sampler. Parts were programmed against a mid-tempo Hip-Hop instrumental track.  Right at the top of the piece you can hear an example of the processing/morphing of guitar and fiddle. Another example can be heard at :32 where a phrase starts as a clarinet and ends with a harmonica.


It’s great to hear the music when it’s set to picture by a talented filmmaker/editor. Alex Luster (www.shooteditsleep.com), aka PR!MO, a documentary filmmaker, Promax/BDA & Emmy award winning television producer based in Houston, Texas used this track in a short film he made called “Hope Mural”. It’s about Texas area street artists painting a 15′ Obama mural designed by Shepard Fairey (ObeyGiant).


Here’s another short film by Alex called “Graffiti Proposal” that uses a track of mine called “Love Letter For You”.



Thanks Alex and great work.

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