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What does a high-tech high-fashion jacket sound like?

Friday, May 13th, 2011

My production duo Ondular, with partner B├ęco Dranoff, was asked to produce music for an interesting project involving the ‘S MAX MARA Italian fashion brand. For the launch of their high-tech jacket The Cube, they commissioned artistic (re)interpretations of the apparel in different mediums (film, animation, photography, music, etc). We were commissioned to produce three musical pieces.

We set out to create a sonic experience for The Cube by taking inspiration from the jacket’s colors, texture, form and innovative versatility (the jacket can be reconfigured for different situations). Color and texture informed the acoustic and electronic musical elements, which in the audio work were designed to have an angular yet dynamic flowing quality. Form and versatility inspired the work’s construction / structure in that the musical elements (individual instruments or parts) can be subtracted, added, and recombined to create different arrangements / versions / remixes of the work that are equally compelling.

Check out the three musical interpretations which we created: CubeAmbient, CubeDowntempo, and CubeUptempo.