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Blurring The Line Between Production Sound And Music Score

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

I was a finalist in the SOUNDS OF RED BULL Composer Challenge. The video I had to score for the competition came with no production sound which gave me the idea to integrate some of the elements of the music with the visuals to blur the boundary between the engine/cars sounds and the score.


I used low distorted guitars as the engine sound from :37-:50, snare drum hits as exhaust flame backfires at :57, :59, and 1:04, and amplifier feedback as tires screeching at 2:23.

Other sections turned out less “literal” but I was able to score them in the same spirit of “musical” sound design. Wherever there was slow motion footage I used a low synth note with a high resonance low pass filter opening slowly (:45, 1:00, 1:08, 1:40). At a climax at 2:18 I used an epic multi-octave guitar dive bomb to highlight a dramatic slow motion shot of the car going around a smoking turn with the chase helicopter coming up from behind a cliff!

This was blast to work on and gave me a chance to play around with many elements I enjoy; aggressive guitars, modern synths, big drums and programming, and incorporating sound design ideas into the score in a novel way. Many thanks to the Red Bull people.