“Infinity Curve”, a track based on a variation of an auditory illusion called the Shepard–Risset glissando, used in the Shutter Island (Scorsese/DiCaprio) theatrical film trailer.

“Infinity Curve”, used in the final section of the Shutter Island (Scorsese/DiCaprio) theatrical film trailer, is built on a variation of a Shepard-Risset glissando (also called a Shepard Tone). This glissando creates an auditory illusion of a tone that is forever ascending in pitch. It achieves this by raising the pitch of the sound while simultaneously making its lower octaves more prominent. “Infinity Curve” uses this concept but is based on rhythm instead of pitch. While the track goes steadily from 65 BPM up to 900 BPM the most prominent note duration is shifted from 64th to 32nd to 16th notes and so on. The effect is a feeling of infinite speeding up. “Infinity Curve” is published by VideoHelper.


On the trailer it starts at around 1:52:


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