“Para Tara (Radio Mix)” featured on Hunnypot Radio

January 21st, 2010

“Para Tara (Radio Mix)” was picked for the latest Hunnypot internet radio show (#178). Hunnypot Unlimited is a high profile tastemaking and music branding/supervision outfit whose principals work on major network shows such as FOX’s Glee etc.

“Para Tara” is based on a music/dance style called Forró. Forró originated in the Northeast of Brazil in the early 1900’s and is played on triangle, accordion, flute, and a type of bass drum called a Zabumba. There are three styles of Forró: xote (a slower-paced rhythm), baião (the original forró) and arrasta-pé (the fastest of the three). Dancing is done in pairs, very close together, with the man’s left hand holding the woman’s right hand as in the Waltz (although it’s much rowdier than a Waltz!).

The most famous traditional Forró artists are Luiz Gonzaga and Jackson do Pandeiro which both influenced this track, as well as my friend Mauro Refosco and his band Forró in the Dark (David Byrne has been a guest vocalist on some of their releases). So “Para Tara” is all that plus electro synths, processed flutes, filtered accordions, funky guitar, Jamaican Dancehall vibes and House stylings.

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